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Dienstag, 24 Oktober 2006

Who is DEFObonn?

DEFObonn is an innovative mid-range company for services in the construction sectors, headquartered in Bonn. It has been founded in 1997 by Detlef Dewitz and Peter Foitzik.

What does DEFObonn do?

DEFObonn offers a complete spectrum of services in building renovation and new constructions.

Why choose DEFObonn?

DEFObonn has the expert knowledge and experience of well instructed collaborators at its disposal. Its high standard network of experts and specialists enables DEFObonn to assure the coordination and complete realization of smaller and bigger projects.

Especially when all conventional methods to overcome construction related problems have reached their limits, DEFObonn will find an integral starting point for a solution and will develop the individual strategies required to manage the work at hand.