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This new website from DEFObonn GmbH is online now since 2006-11-06
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Freitag, 15 August 2008
For 11 years the old logo - derived from building bricks - has done its duties. But new media like world wide web proves it more and more: The possible screen solutions of computer displays lower scaling down the old logo. Details cannot be seen... 

The old logo:

the old build brick logo

In 2007 the developement of the new logo started. These have been the objectives:

  • the new logo should be concise and eye-catching
  • the geometry should be as simple as possible
  • the logo should fit the resolutions for printings and computer displays
  • it should be possible to register the new logo

After a lot of try outs, supported by the graphic design specialist Linda Rusak, this ist the result:

the new logo - colored

The two halfs of the sphere are for the two service sectors of DEFObonn: Constructions and IT. The interlocking of both service sectors is shown by the diagonal lines.

For advertising media in black and white the new logo shows like this:

 the new logo - black and white

After sucessfully registering the new logo at the german trademark and patent office in september 2008, you will see the new logo more and more.

The start is done: See at the top of this website!